About Us

Owners Lori and Jeff

Our Approach

Hey what makes us such a great sound company? Experience, we have over 30 years of doing sound for small backyard parties to huge events.

Our Story

We are family owned business and the people who work for us are our family and because of that when something gets done they do it with passion, “the show must go on” that’s something we have been living by for the last 30 years that is our mantra

Meet the Team

Although not everyone is a family member everyone as our family

Joe Scioscia

Advertisiment Manager

always with a plan and ready to move forward

Idea Man

Joey and I grew up together in Brooklyn and we’ve been friends over 30 years

Rob Haze

Stage Crew /Light Crew Manager

Rob came to us 12 years ago was looking for a job he learns very quickly from the bottom soon to be managing his own crew

Aidan Hartke


Aidan is an intuitive and creative soundman and lightman is also a great guitarist you know he’s so young who learns quickly I will glad to have him on our team

Pete Kearnes

Security / Music Consultant

Pete has a very broad knowledge of artists and musician’s dating back to the 60s a 2x Purple Heart Recipient we are happy to have him on our team

James and Jackie

EMT Team

You never know when you will need an Emergency Medical Technician team on staff. Meet my Lovely Bonus Daughter and her BFF

Both Trained and Licensed in the Sate of NY

Joey Steel

Chief Roadie Crew

Joe has been with me from the start when it was just The Jeff Denny Band as we grew bigger and built the MSS&LCo. joe just kept on workin hard as is considered the hardest working roadie in show business.

Frank LaBarber


I’ve known Frank for over 25 years after he wired The Music Station Hes been our in house electrician glad to have him on our team.

Next Steps…

Call us for a quote 631-655-8969